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Cybersecurity Education Opportunities

The 2nd Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference will be held August 13-14, 2019 at George Mason University (main campus in Fairfax). This is hosted by the Virginia Cyber Range which we operate at Virginia Tech in partnership with a number of other Virginia universities and community colleges. This is a great opportunity to learn and share. Here are some links.

• Virginia Cyber Range:

• Scholarship opportunity for teachers for the conference (deadline May 24):

• Call for papers for the conference:

GenCyber Camp for Secondary School Teachers to be held will be held June 16-21, 2019 at the Virginia Tech Research Center – Arlington (deadline April 20): Here is a brief description. “Our GenCyber camp will train secondary school teachers in the principles of good cybersecurity practices and the science behind those practices so that they may both teach their students effective practices as well as motivate these students to study cybersecurity in further detail as they move into their chosen disciplines in colleges and universities.”

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