NAYGN Outreach

Zachary Thatcher, a member of NAYGN (North American Young Generation in Nuclear) is coordinating outreach to schools in the DMV area.

NAYGN outreach consists of a talk given by a young professional engineer that works in the nuclear industry. The conversation typically consists of discussions about the electric grid, the benefits of nuclear power, and the experience of being an engineer. Demonstrations and web tools are also used as visual aids.

NAYGN understands and highly values the importance of communicating directly with younger generations. NAYGN wants to work with you to get students excited about their future and future technology.

Please feel free to reach out to Zachary at zthatcher@mpr.com if you would like to discuss a potential visit to your classroom, or visit the following websites that discuss NAYGN and MPR Associates (Zach’s employer/NAYGN chapter). Feel free to check out the main Twitter page for NAYGN too @NA_YGN




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