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Summer Engineering Course for High School Students

The Johns Hopkins Engineering Innovation Summer (EI) Program will be held at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC;  this location will accept commuter students only.  We are asking that you share the information below with students interested in math, science, and engineering.

EI is the summer version of a course offered to first year engineering majors at Johns Hopkins University (JHU).  The semester-long course has been condensed into four or five weeks.  During the program, students complete lab activities in computer, chemical, electrical, computer, civil, mechanical engineering, and materials science.  Course materials, including labs and sample quizzes, can be viewed here.  Students who earn an A or B in the class receive three college credits from JHU.

This is a great opportunity for students to try college engineering while still in high school.  They can decide if they want to pursue an engineering major and which field is of the most interest to them.

Need-based full and partial scholarships are available for commuting students.  Students interested in receiving financial aid should apply early.

Please follow this link to a video in which past EI students and faculty talk about the program.

This course is rigorous, and students must have As and Bs in their high school math and science classes. They also must have taken the following subjects to be eligible to apply:

- Algebra II

- Physics or Chemistry

- Trigonometry, or have learned to use the trig functions – up through the application of the laws of sines and cosines to resolve non-right angle triangles in another math course

- Most students are rising Juniors and Seniors in high school

Important Dates

EI Course:

- Course Dates:  June 24 – July 19

- Time:  Monday – Friday; 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

- No class on Thursday, July 4th

Online Application AvailableDecember 15, 2018

- First Deadline:  February 15, 2019

- Financial Aid Priority Deadline:  March 15, 2019

- International Student Deadline:  April 12, 2019

- Final Deadline – June 7, 2019, or when the location fills

For more information, please visit our website:

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